One Village One Family (OVOF) program empowers families who are homeless to regain stability, secure permanent housing and achieve self-sufficiency. OVOF matches families experiencing homelessness with volunteer teams, or “Villages.” Those Villages raise money to help families get into housing (e.g. security deposit) and then provide about six months of ongoing, structured support.

More than 1,000 children in the Poudre School District (on average) experience homelessness each year.

What’s more, those children (and their families) struggle to escape homelessness in the context of record-low vacancy rates — in Fort Collins and surrounding communities — and wages that have not risen in stride with housing costs.

“After the ugliest storm can come the prettiest rainbow.”

– Kim (One Village One Family participant)

How Do I Get Help?

Do you represent, or are you a part of, a family that might benefit from this program?

We want to help!

In order to be eligible for the program, a family must:

  • Have legal custody of at least one child age 17 or younger living in the household
  • Have a combination of reliable income and non-expiring aid that can support the living expenses and long term monthly rental payments (please refer to page 1 of the OVOF Application for income requirements)
  • Cannot already have a rent/lease agreement or own a home
  • Cannot have any recent (within the previous 3 years) violent, sexual, drug manufacturing, or drug distribution felony convictions
  • Must be willing and committed to meet with a volunteer team in the community a minimum of seven times and be generally receptive to/in need of support for at least a six-month period

For questions, please contact the One Village One Family Program Manager at 970-829-0503

Click here for the One Village One Family participant application. Para la versión en español, por favor clique este enlace.

How Can I Help?

  • Form or participate in a Village
  • Financially sponsor a Village and family
  • Rent a property to a family in the program
  • Spread the word — tell your friends, family members, co-workers and others!

Are you part of a faith-based organization, company, civic group, club or other group that might want to form a “Village”? Contact us!

Click here for the OVOF Village Handbook.

How Does It Work?

Housing transforms lives.  Help change the trajectory of a child’s life by volunteering with OVOF.

OVOF Village Volunteers support families regain stability through securing and estabishing permanent housing.  Volunteer commit to providing at least six months of support as families increase their self-sufficiency and re-acclimate back into the community.

On average, volunteers report spending 2-4 hours a month volunteering with the OVOF Program. 

Village volunteers raise $1500 to help offset a family’s move in expenses.  These funds remove the barriers of application fees, first month’s rent, and security deposit.  Volunteers also read our Village Handbook and attend a formal OVOF training.  Once paired with a family, volunteers assist a family with their housing search and support them during their transition into housing.  Volunteers attend monthly meetings with the family and provide weekly check-ins to ensure the family is meeting their goals.