ReFund Colorado – Donate All or Part of Your Colorado Income Tax Refund

Coloradans can give all or part of their state income tax refund directly to one of more than 7,750 eligible nonprofits registered with the state. Through the Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit program, taxpayers can choose to directly support an eligible Colorado-registered charity with a simple designation on their state income tax return.

For more information, please see the ReFund Colorado website at

If you would like to designate all or part of your Colorado income tax return to Homeward Alliance, please include our registration number of #20123037053.

For more information, contact Mandalee McNeil at or (970) 430-4304.

Roundup App – Donate the Change from Your Credit & Debit Transactions

The RoundUp App allows you to automatically donate the change from your credit and debit card transactions. Once you create an account, you do not need to use the app while making a purchase. Just swipe your card as usual!

Your “rounded up” change provides a critical source of consistent support that allows us to do our work. And this app makes giving effortless! The average supporter is contributing $15-$20 per month. You can even set a cap for the maximum amount you want to donate in a month. The RoundUp App never has access to your card number. It uses Stripe as its payment processor, the same company used by Facebook, Amazon, Lyft and 100,000 other organizations.

Click here or on the RoundUp logo above to sign-up!

King Soopers Community Rewards Program

If you shop at King Soopers, consider participating in this free program.

  1. Sign-up for the King Soopers Community Rewards Program: Click Here to Sign-up!
  2. Search for Homeward Alliance either by name or code WU625 and then click “Enroll.”
  3. Don’t have an account?  Sign up with a valid email address and a rewards card.  Bonus: now you can get digital coupons too!

Every time you swipe your rewards card or type in your phone number, Homeward Alliance earns a rebate! Set this up once and you never have to fuss with it again.