Distributing life-sustaining supplies to individuals & families who face homelessness


Connecting people with resources that help them move forward with their lives


Empowering individuals and families to achieve economic and personal stability

Serving people who are homeless or near-homeless in Northern Colorado

Homeward Alliance operates a continuum of programs and initiatives, ranging from critical survival gear, to employment services, to homelessness prevention. We are not only an alliance of services, but also an alliance of volunteers, donors, agency partners and other community stakeholders. We envision a community in which homelessness is rare, short-lived and non-recurring.


Homeward Alliance was previously known as “Homeless Gear,” a Colorado-based non-profit that was founded in 2008. After a decade of growth (merging with other organizations, launching housing-driven initiatives, assuming management of the Murphy Center and more), Homeless Gear changed its name to Homeward Alliance.


The name “Homeward Alliance” reflects who we are today and who we want to be in the years to come. We value and rely on collaboration and we believe that all individuals and families should have a stable place to call “home.” This is not a job for one program, or even one agency. It is a job for an alliance.

Murphy Center

The hub of services for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Larimer County

an initiative of Homeward Alliance

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